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Farringdon is a village and rural parish in East Devon, England 

We welcome contributions to the site - announcements of future events, historic items, reminiscences, photos or whatever. We have the technology to scan in photos or printed texts, just let us know via the
contact us page. 

We also have an active Facebook page, which can be found by clicking here.

Information about the Neighbourhood Plan which is underway can be found here.


What's new?

Consultation for the Farringdon Neighbourhood plan has now closed - thanks to all who gave feedback or comments.

01/07/20 - The Farringdon Flyer for July is now online in the Farringdon section

19/06/20 - PC minutes for Feb 2020 added to the PC section

12/06/20 - The agenda for the PC meeting by Zoom on June 16th added to the PC section

07/06/20 - The Farringdon Flyer for June is now online in the Farringdon section

30/04/20 - The May edition of The Farringdon Flyer has been added in the Farringdon section

23/04/20 - PC minutes for Oct 2019 to Jan 2020 added to the PC section

01/04/20 - The Farringdon Flyer is now online in the Farringdon section

23/03/20 - The Pre-Submission version of the Farringdon Neighbourhood Plan is in the Neighbourhood Plan section of this site and can be found in the 'Surveys & Consultation' page here along with the Comments Form and the official Public Consultation Notice.

16/02/20 - Agenda for February 18th Parish Council Meeting added to the PC section

03/02/20 - Latest minutes added to the Neighbourhood Plan section

28/01/20 - Latest minutes and revised Housing Needs Assessment added to the Neighbourhood Plan section

08/01/20 - Housing Need survey and assessment added to the Neighbourhood Plan section

11/10/19 - PC minutes for June, July & September 2019 added to the PC section

29/06/19 - The Farringdon Parish Council  annual return can be found in the PC section here

22/06/19 - First consultation version of the Neighbourhood Plan is available here

30/04/19 - New Neighbourhood Plan section added with many project documents

16/07/18 - The story of the son of Farringdon's rector who became a founder member of the RAF in 1918 can be found on the Farringdon People page here.

09/09/17 - Information about the new recycling regime can be found here

11/03/17 - Electoral Review Page added here

03/02/16 - Farringdon has now been designated as a Neighbourhood Area so a Neighbourhood Plan can be developed and information about the proposed Neighbourhood Plan for Farringdon can be found in the PC section of this site. 




Spring in the lanes, Farringdon