Farringdon is a rural parish in East Devon that includes the village of Farringdon as well as the hamlet of Denbow, parts of Perkins Village and Rosamondford, as well as other scattered houses and farms. 

The area has always been predominately agricultural and is mainly grade 2 agricultural land based on its typical East Devon red clay soil and has plenty of fine old trees and Devon hedges. Of course times have changed and today there is a mixture of farming, horticulture (such as a nursery business and a lavender farm), an equestrian centre, Crealy Adventure Park , which is a major Devon tourist attraction, and an industrial park at Hill Barton which contains a variety of light industrial enterprises.  

Farringdon has a very picturesque Norman Church and a small but smart village hall. It also has a strong community spirit, which shows up in a variety of social activities as well as in displaying a united front through the Farringdon Residents Association in the face of recent planning “threats”. There are two farm shops, both with cafes, and a pub all on the edge of Farringdon on the A3052. 

There are several well established annual social events that have attracted local residents for many years, such as a tennis tournament, clay-pigeon shoot, the harvest Sunday auction of produce and the Christmas Eve carol service, along with newer events such as the Farringdon Fun Run.   More recently, the Farringdon Society of Arts, which was started by a group of local residents in 2004, has hosted many cultural events, usually in the village hall. Its membership now extends well beyond Farringdon, and it includes a number of active local, professional artists who regularly exhibit in Farringdon as well as giving classes and talks.