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    Posted by Heather Fisher on 02/03/2020   Email

    I was at Farringdon house 1964 was friends with Joanna and Lynn Conton, Mrs Drysdale was our head, was on miss Perkins unit, was always dancing, l remember a few of us put on a show for the public, would love to catch up with anyone who remembers me.

    Posted by Barry Davies on 12/03/2019   Email

    I am trying to contact Brian Curryer, who I see wrote an article some time ago about a local postman. It could be that Brian is the same person who I was with in Helmstedt in the mid to late 1960s. If this is the case could you contact me please Brian should you be interested in a trip down memory lane to Helmstedt in September 2020. frewd Winter is the co-organiser and I can send you the details we have to date. Many thanks in advance Best wishes Barry

    Posted by Marie on 05/06/2018

    I was at Farringdon house approve school in 1975 to 1978. I was good friends with a Karen Davis or Davies she came from Bristol. Love to know how she is now. Also I remember the staff member who had a budgie who talked! She was very kind to me. I also loved working in the garden. Especially eating the apples dipped in sugar on our breaks. Does anyone remember that time?

    Posted by lynette on 06/09/2017

    I was at Farringdon from June 83 until it closed think it was about 6 months later I was one of the last ones to leave!

    Posted by Susan Smith on 15/05/2017

    I was at Farringdon house approved school in 1970 ish. Mrs Drysdale was the head and I remember Miss Chesney and a male house master (forgotten his name) who had a French wife. I can still picture the lady who ran the farm and the cook but I can't recall their names. Helen Carpenter (lots of teddy boy brothers!) from Southend was my friend while it was there.I actually have really fond memories of my time there. Does anyone remember this time?

    Posted by Helen Huxham on 14/03/2017

    I like Peter was brought up in Farringdon. My dad also worked at the school. Happy days. Many very happy years. Looking forward to another open gardens weekend.

    Posted by Linda O'Shea on 18/08/2016   Email

    I was at Farringdon about 1964- 1967. anyone remember me. i was in Mrs Perkins unit and Mrs Drysdale was the head.

    Posted by Sue shephard on 23/12/2015   Email

    My mother and her family lived in inglenook cottage and are buried in the private cemetery their surname was Scott. My mothers name was Doris her brothers were bill and Tony and sister was Pauline.they all went to the little school across from the church.i have a group picture of mum when she was in the choir, at Farringdon church. Approx date 1944. Any one interested in seeing the picture please contact me. My mum was married at Farringdon also myself in 1975.My son was christened there in 1979 and married there in February this year. By Rev Karen spray, who helped made our day perfect.This beautiful church holds many happy memories. We often visit this beautiful church. Thank you. Kind regards sue.

    Posted by John and Barry on 08/10/2015

    We would just like to wish all parishioners & especially the parish, the very best for the future. We have enjoyed our 43 years here. Kind Regards John & Barry. Princes Cottage.

    Posted by Peter Trevelyan on 13/11/2014

    I was brought up in Farringdon as my dad worked at Farringdon house school. The village hall, the old school, was the venue for our youth club. I have fond memories of waiting for the school bus and the local farms we used to work on. The blizzard of 62/63 is well remembered as we did not go to school for most of the winter. Never passed my 11 plus, but who cares, we had a really great time. I lived in the village from 1960 to 1973. Happy days!

    Posted by June Hamilton on 18/04/2014   Email

    I was at Farringdon between 1981 untill 1984. I would like to know if there is anyone that remembers me. Tracey Drewitt from Southhampton.

    Posted by Nicola on 09/10/2013

    On the 30th September 2013 Geoffrey Harry Smale died at Fir Lodge West Hill. Beloved husband of 45 years to the late Mavis Smale. Loved father to Lindy, Roberta & Nicola, Grandfather to Katie, Lottie, Christina & William. Great Grand father to Isabella. His cremation will be held at Whimple Crematorium on Friday 11th October 2013 at 2.30pm and a memorial service held at Farringdon Church. However his second wife Sheila has decided to ban all of his own family from attending, even Geoff's last remaining brother of 80. In this cruel act she has denied his own family from grieving & did not even see fit to inform them of his illness. She alienated them when he became house bound in life & is alienating them in death. Not a Christian act I feel. Please if you attend this memorial say a prayer for is own true family in this terrible time and for his soul to finally find peace.

    Posted by sarah bailey on 02/10/2013

    Iwas at farringdon 1978-may 82. Anne Davies was head teacher. Im trying to find the pics on facebook but got no joy.

    Posted by caroline hawkins on 08/04/2013

    Ghost??? I just wondered if anyone had seen anything strange in the road (the B3184) at night? I think I might have had a strange experience one night driving home (to The Drive) at near dark one evening.

    Posted by Jayne on 19/12/2012

    Hi, just wondered if anyone remembers my sister, she was at FH sometime in the 70's her name was Julie Lewis.

    Posted by sarah on 06/11/2012   Email

    there is a reunion on 10th november 2012 in village hall for any farringdon house school girls or staff you are welcome to join us starts at 12 midday

    Posted by Richard Lee on 01/10/2012   Email

    Since James (Sr) was my great great grandfather, I think that makes me James (Jr) Putnam's Great, Great Nephew? Anyways, thanks for posting this! I have this picture through my Grandfather Dennis George Putnam - and many more. Let me know if you want copies sent. Richard Lee, Calgary, Canada.

    Posted by DAVE TAFF on 24/02/2012   Email


    Posted by joanne davies on 24/02/2012   Email

    hi pam there is a group on facebook for ex farringdon girls also photos on there

    Posted by Sharon on 07/02/2012   Email

    Hi Pam, I was at Farringdon have tried surching for you on facebook. Farringdon have there own page lots of photos old and new,we held a reunion and lots of staff and girls visited Farringdon and planted a tree. Please contact me.Sharon Tidmarsh Cheltenham xxx

    Posted by Richard Holladay on 30/01/2012   Email

    Tried to use the contact me to leave some interesting information - used only a - z, punctuation and 0 - 9 but would not allow me to send - please contact me or visit www.exeterfoundry.org.uk, last of the New Pages under Garden Establishments and see About Me Page.

    Posted by pam garcia on 18/01/2012   Email

    i was at farringdon house when it was an approved school for girls and was wondering wether you have any pictures or photo's it was around 1967 i have some fond memories of the school hope to hear from someone who has picture's many thanks pam

    Posted by Farringdonian on 08/11/2010

    I like the new site - thank you!

    Posted by Farringdonian on 08/11/2010

    I like the new site - thank you!