Dear Parishioner

On the evening of Wednesday 08th March, at their meeting, East Devon District Council's Cabinet proposal was to write to the commission to accept their recommendations in respect of the Ward Boundary changes as put forward in the Electoral Review. If this goes through, then Farringdon will leave the current Clyst Valley Ward, and become part of a new Broadclyst 'Super' Ward. Along with Farringdon Parish Council, many of you have already expressed your objections to this proposal. We feel, for all of the reasons given in our letter to the Commission, (copy can be viewed here), that such a move will not be in the best interests of Farringdon. Whilst the EDDC Cabinet have made up their minds, without any real thought to what we may want, there's still time to send your objections to the Review Commission - details are here. The more of you who are on board, then the stronger the case will be. We are trying to protect Farringdon's interests. Being at the 'rump end' of a Broadclyst Ward, we feel, will not meet those interests.

There are further 'battles' ahead for Farringdon over the coming years. We as the Parish Council can only do so much, but as an united community, we can probably do a whole lot more.

Thank you for your support.

Farringdon Parish Council